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In My Home

In My Home is a program that enables a child with intellectual disabilities (like Autism, Down syndrome, PDD, developmental delay) to be successful at learning.

The program provides a positive, gentle environment that will help your child develop language and maths skills.

There are 4 areas of activity to work in.


Students can make sentences and communicate about the things they do at home, what they like to help with, what they are good at and how they feel about it. 

You can make up to 180 different sentences and print them out for classroom activities. Great for individual and class discussions.

Sample sentences that you can make include:
At home, I help with cleaning my room.

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

* In my bedroom, you would see a bed, my clothes, toy shelves and a lamp.

 Click on the link above to hear the sound.


Count out the objects from 1 - 10 or 11 - 20 in this counting activity that will help users succeed by guiding them to the right answer.

This is a great activity to teach number recognition and one to one correspondence.

Sample sound: How many?  Eight!

Click on the link above to hear the sound.


  In this classic maths activity, the user must choose which symbol comes next to continue the pattern.  Encouraging comments reward them when they get the answer right.

Another activity your students can do independently, as we guide them to the correct answer.

Sample sound: What comes next?

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

  Develop sorting skills by deciding which items belong in which room.  Choose from 5 rooms - kitchen, bathroom, laundry, bedroom or  living room.  Gentle encouragement leads the user to the correct answer.

Sample sound: Which room does this belong in?  Bedroom or Kitchen?

Click on the link above to hear the sound.

“It’s great to have some software for children with special needs”
Teacher, Australia.

In My Home can be accessed via scanning, mouse, arrows keys or other switch-enabled computers. It's compatible with touch screens and Intellikeys.  There is a  choice of 2 high quality, computer-generated voices and the PCS symbols from Mayer-Johnson are in full, vibrant colour.  For a full word list, see here.

Windows 95, 98, ME, XP, 2000.
CD Rom.

PRICE: AUD $99.00 (about US$75.00)    ORDER HERE